Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing


Students learning about digital marketing, graduating, exploring, studying, or just coming across the page.

  1. Marstudent-picket Yourself: Make yourself known. Be able to sell “you” as a “brand”.

Business cards, websites, social networking in person and online; put it out there. Get to know the market better and build the brand; “you”. Whether it be on social media, in person, networking events, go out and meet people in that will strengthen a desired business venture.

“Content is fire; Social Media is Gasoline.”

-Jay Baer

2. Experience: Try to find out opportunities to build the “your brand”. Take on internship, and learn new skill-sets. Ask your school, or any local businesses for any opportunities. Even freelance current marketing skills, and build from personal experiences.

By taking on new ventures builds credibility. The more credible, the more chances of gaining higher opportunities.

3. Digital Marketing: 

Is Marketing a brand, product, service, or “you”, by using digital technology.

student best practices in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Concepts:

  • SEO: Search Engine Definition, is improving the visibility of a website on search engines.
  • SEM: Form of Digital Marketing that promotes a webpage, mainly by advertising.
  • APP Development: developing computer programs, software, tests, fixing bugs, and creating code; to create and maintain applications in a software product.
  • Web Design: Where companies, corporations, and small businesses create a website, to promote and display their product/services.
  • Branding: creating a name, image or design, that represents/identifies a product/service.
  • Social Media: uses social networking websites, and uses these networks to broaden costumer reach.
  • Content Marketing: process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. This content will then attract customers and a targeted audience.
  • Video Production: Using film, videos, or clips to promote a brand/business.
  • Email Marketing: (Data mining) targeting costumers and consumers through email.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” -Walt Disney

student best practices in digital marketing